About Frank Lowe and Sons

Frank Lowe and Sons is a Rural Merchandising Store, we are the only retailer in Innisfail selling Akubra hats and belts, we also stock Grace in LA and Wild Child Ladies Denim Jeans and shorts, Western Style Ladies shirts, Hat Bands & Scarves, Jacaranda hats, Sloggers boots and clogs, Rescue Swag First Aid Kits, Pilbara sun smart coloured workshirts, childrens workshirts, Yard Yakka work shirts and jeans, Oliver workboots, King Gee ladies workboots, gumboots, socks, oversocks, shoe laces, everything for the home garden, washing powder and soaps, grease, oils and filters for all your mechanical requirements and even the odd piece of fashion jewellery for last minute gifts.

Never a problem finding a park as we have plenty of parking space and are also RV friendly.

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