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We have some exciting news!

We have some exciting news!

Posted: 09 Apr 2019

We have been recognised by Visit Queensland, Australia as a Best Of Queensland Experience! We love sharing our hidden gem with visitors and our crew loves sharing their knowledge of the islands and the Great Barrier Reef! #FranklandIslands




Posted: 05 Feb 2019

Frankland Islands Reef Cruises are excited to now offer transfers to and from Mission Beach, Tully and Innisfail, to our mainland departure point at Deeral. These are provided by an external operator and payment can be made to them direct.


We have transfers available or you can self-drive down to Deeral.

We have transfers available or you can self-drive down to Deeral.

Posted: 10 Dec 2018

Enjoy the scenic drive past rainforest clad mountain ranges and open fields of sugar cane. It takes approximately 45 minutes from Cairns city to the departure point at 169 Ross Road#FranklandIslands

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About Babinda

Babinda is a small town located approximately 60 kilometres South of Cairns.

This stunning spot is nestled in World Heritage Listed Wooroonooran National Park, at the base of two of Queenslands highest mountains; Mt Bartle Frere (1622m) and Mt Bellenden Kerr (1593m). Pristine, clear mountain streams, and rainforest along with some of the most awe inspiring waterfalls make Babinda the secret paradise that it is!

The main attractions of the Babinda Boulders and Josephine Falls  and are arguably two of the most beautiful attractions of the Far North.

josephine falls


1. Babinda Picture Theatre 

Built in 1956, the Babinda Munro Picture Theatre has been a huge part of the community. In 2006 it was demolished by cyclone Larry, but 12 months on it was fully restored to depic the 1950s-era and it still features the canvas sling back seats of that period of time. Grab your popcorn and enjoy a latest release movie.

2. Self-drive Tully River Rafting

Regarded as the best rafting river across Australia and New Zealand, challenge yourself to grade 3-4 rapids or  for a greater rush take the Xtreme with more thrilling paths through rapids, cliff jumping, rapid swimming and raft surfing!

3. Self-drive Frankland Islands Departs Deeral Frankland

Frankland Islands Cruise and Dive is the only tour operator to visit the uninhabited and pristine Normanby Island. Your day begins with a scenic 30min river cruise, followed by a shart open water crossing to Normanby Island where you'll then have the day to snorkel, dive and explore this piece of paradise on the Great Barrier Reef.

4. Babinda Golf Club

Open for casual golf 7 days a week. An honour system applies and visitors are very welcome. Fees are $10 for 9 holes and $20 for 18 holes. The clubhouse is open Wed and Fri 3pm to 6pm and Sat 12:30pm to 6:00pm.

5. Babinda Bowls Club Wednesday night Barefoot bowls Bowls club

All visitors, bowlers and non-bowlers are welcome to have a social game on our synthetic green.
Barefoot Bowls - Wednesday night 6.00pm 
Weekend Social Bowls - Saturday and Sunday 1.00pm

6. Babinda Paintball

Enjoy the paintball rush playing in a tropical rainforest location under the expert guidance of our highly trained staff. The course is designed and built by seasoned military personal.

7. Self-drive Paronella Park

Paronella Park was built in the 1930s by Jos Paronella. This magical experience comprises of a castle, picnic area, tennis courtsm, bridges, a tunnel surrounded by 5 hectares of magnificent gardens. Paronella Park has received multiple Queensland tourism awards, is State and National Heritage listed and is a National Trust listed property.

8. Self-drive Mamu Tropical Skywalk

The Mamu Skywalk allows visitors to explore the rainforest from the forest floor to the canopy. Elevated walkways, a cantilever, and observation tower offer visitors the exhilarating experience of being high in the rainforest canopy, along with providing spectacular panoramic views of World Heritage rainforest landscapes. 

9. Go Fishing the Russell or Mulgrave River

The Russell and Mulgrave are a twin river sharing the same mouth. Launching on the Mulgrave River at Deeral or Bellenden Ker on the Russell River will position you for some exceptional light tackle sportfishing.

10. Take a self-guided Art Deco walk through Innisfail township

Innisfail is the Art Deco Capital of Australia. Take this self-guided town walk and discover many beautifully restored Art Deco buildings and a heritage walkway beside the Johnstone River where the original shipping wharf was located, and includes a series of hand decorated ceramic plaques depicting the history of the town.


Getting there
Queensland Rail Spirit of Queensland

  • From Brisbane: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat: 3.45 pm
  • From Cairns: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sun: 9.00am  

Greyhound Australia?  3 per day everyday  $10 one way

Departs Cairns everyday Babinda 
7.45am - 8.35am 
1pm  - 1.55pm
7pm -  7.50pm

Departs Babinda everyday  Cairns 
4.40am -  5.45am                               12.10pm - 1pm                              4.50pm - 5.50pm
7.25pm -  8.15pm

Premier Coaches? 1 per day everyday  $19 one way

Departs Cairns - Babinda 
7.25am - 8.20am                            Departs Babinda - Cairns                  6.25pm - 7.30pm 


Babinda sugar mill
Settlement of the area dates from the 1880's (a Babinda Creek receiving office opened 1891). Land was mainly used for coffee and sugar cane growing. The township was established in 1912 with a population of around 100. Growth took place during the early 1900's predominated by the sugar industry, which spurred the opening of the North Coast railway line and the establishment of Babinda Sugar Mill. 

The sugar mill was built in 1914 - 1915 and was the major work source for the town. An influx of families soon arrived and Government facilities were established to serve the local community including a post office, court house, police station and state school. 
In its heyday the town required the services of three hotels, including the Babinda State Hotel which was the only Hotel at the time constructed and operated by the Queensland Government, under the Labor Government's State Enterprises scheme. Babinda now has a number of heritage-listed sites predominantly located on Munro Street. You can take a self-guided walking tour up the main street and view a huge amount of history.

In March 2006, Babinda was struck by Cyclone Larry, damaging up to 80% of buildings. The post-cyclone relief and recovery effort saw the Queensland Government implement creative accommodation solutions, including the use of the former Babinda Nurses Quarters for single people. These quarters contained 22 single rooms however only 12 of these were being used by Department of Health when the Cyclone Larry struck.

In 2011 Babinda Sugar Mill was decommissioned, and in 2013 it was demolished. It was the end of an era for a number of the workers, many of whom had worked at the sugar mill since the 1970's and had generations of family members work there too. The historic mill employed about 60 people.


  • Babinda Tourist Information Centre

1 Munro Street
Open 7 days - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Upon entering the township of Babinda, you can't miss the bright blue historic timber building that houses the Babinda tourism information centre. Babinda displays many examples of early Queensland architecture in the main street, and many years ago this same building was the local police station used to dispense local law enforcement. Now it dispenses helpful information on the town and region's many attractions. in addition you will find a touch screen featuring information on the Wet Tropics where we live.

  • Babinda Police Station Babinda Police Station

10 Munro Street
Babinda Station is located on the corner of the Bruce Highway and the main street to Babinda. The building is quite historical, in the style of the early Queensland timber chamfer board construction with tongue and groove finish internally. Originally constructed in November 1924, the building comprised of a courthouse and sergeant's residence. The police station was originally a one room office.

  • Babinda District Arts and Crafts Co-op LTD

13 Munro Street
The Babinda District Arts & Craft Co-Op Ltd is one of the first buildings you will see when you turn off the Bruce Highway. The Co-op contains ONLY locally handmade Arts and Crafts. Products range from paintings, woodwork, novelties, local souvenirs, pottery, needlework, jewellery, toys & Aboriginal artifacts.

  • Babinda Library

24 Munro Street
The Babinda Library building is significant for its contribution to the cultural, social and educational development of Babinda since its early settlement.Initially constructed as a School of Arts, the building then become the headquarters of the Returned Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen Imperial League of Australia, and to the present as the local library since the 1950s. This low-set, timber-framed, single-storey building provides a significant contribution to the historic streetscape of Munro Street. Library hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 12:30pm & 1:30pm to 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am to 12 noon.

  • W Ryan Bicycles and Repairs

25-27 Munro Street
This interesting little building has cultural heritage significance. The building dates back to the interwar period and demonstrates a small scale country town shop and shop front. Alma and Bill Trevor bought the shop and bicycle and repair business in 1958 from W. Ryan. In 2001, Alma Trevor was still operating the bicycle and repair business, and living in the cottage at the rear, at the age of 93. She also sold vegetables from the shop.

  • Babinda Bakery

35-37 Munro Street
The Babinda Bakery is a locals favourite and one-stop-shop for yummy cakes, pastries, refreshing drinks and cheesey bread! Stop in and pick up some goodies to take with you to Babinda Boulders, or grab a hot pie after a morning of kayaking. Babinda Bakery is locally owned and operated by the McAlloon family. Open 7 days: Monday to Friday 6:00am - 2:00pm, Saturday 7:00am to 2:00pm and Sunday 8:00am to 1:00pm.

  • Spar Supermarket 

52 Munro Street
Babinda has one supermarket - SPAR, located at 52 Munro Street. Here you can pick up all your staples plus fresh local produce.

  • Babinda Meat Mart Babinda Meet Mart

66 Munro Street
If you're thinking of self catering then a stop at the Babinda Meat Mart is a must. Babinda Meat Mart is family owned and operated by Tootie and Wendy Nucifora. Both Tootie and Wendy were born & bred in the Babinda area. They grow their own beef from lush green pastures on the Atherton Tablelands. "I have a passion for growing cattle, I absolutely love handling the herd & seeing them happily grazing on the pastures.  I also have a passion for selling a high quality product in my butcher shop & I can achieve this by selecting the right cattle to suit my customers needs." Tootie Nucifora . Drop in and say hello!

  • Babinda State Hotel

65-85 Munro Street
The Babinda State Hotel occupies a prominent position in the town's main street. This beautifully restored Federation hotel was built in 1917 by the Queensland government to address a lack of quality accommodation for sugar mill workers at the time. Designed as a showpiece, as well as a major physical landmark in the town, it became the social centre of Babinda, and entertainment venue for important visitors, such as Prime Ministers Hughes and Bruce who were both greeted at civic receptions in the hotel. This country pub has retained the charm and character of a bygone era with a very friendly, informal and typical Queensland atmosphere.The main bar on the ground floor features steel beams that run across the ceiling that once transported kegs from the storeroom to the bar. The in-house restaurant is an independently run Chinese Restaurant.

  • Babinda Post Office

94- 96 Munro Street
The Babinda Post Office is another piece of historical significance on Munro Street. Built in 1924, it is a fine example of a typical post office design that was applied to 25 post offices accross Queensland between 1923 and 1939, and the building remains relatively intact today.

  • Babinda Munro Picture Theatre Munro

97 - 101 Munro Street
If you're spending a weekend in Babinda then make sure you head down to the Babinda Munro Picture Theatre. Here can grab the latest movie release whilst kicking back in a historic old world theatre. The theatre is significant as a surviving operating country cinema, something which is a rarity outside the major provincial cities. It was built in 1956, but demolished by cyclone Larry in 2006. Now faithfully restored, the theatre has retained its 1950's aesthetic, with canvas deck chair seating from that era. The Babinda Picture Theatre now boasts the largest screen in North Queensland, where eight dollars will get you in the door no matter what your age. A charming place to go, its a great asset to the Babinda community.  Movies are shown Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

  • Babinda Air Raid Shelter

109 Munro Street
Queensland's most intact World War 2 public air raid shelter is located in Anzac Park, Munro Street. Accessible to the public, the interior has been converted into a public toilet block and is included on the State Heritage List. The Babinda air raid shelter was constructed in 1942, designed to accommodate 50 persons seated. As the threat from air attacks lessened, the shelter was turned into a public toilet during 1944-1945 and remains today for this purpose. 

  • Babinda Bowls Club 

110 Munro Street
The Babinda Bowls Club homeground is located at 110 Munro Street. Members welcome all visitors, bowlers and non-bowlers, to have a social game on the synthetic green. Services within the club include a restaurant & bar, gaming, keno, live entertainment, sports bar, bingo and function room. Barefoot Bowls take place every Wednesday at 6pm. Canecutters mixed social takes place every Thursday from 1:30pm.

  • Bartle Frere Lodge

142 Munro Street
This building (of circa 1910) had originally belonged to WHJ and GR Meyers of Cairns where it served as a small warehouse. The building (after erection on its current site) was subsequently named the Horace Russell Mayers Memorial Hall after the son of GR Mayers. Mayers was a director of Mulgrave Mill and a well known merchant of Cairns who was tragically killed in action during World War One. The Bartle Frere Lodge is a long serving social institution in Babinda for Freemasonary.The society meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm, except May and January.

  • Babinda Golf Club Babinda Golf

Hospital Street
Babinda Golf Club is a 9 Hole, Par 72 course, open for casual golf 7 days a week. The clubhouse is open Wed and Fri 3pm to 6pm and Sat 12:30pm to 6:00pm. This relaxing scenic course is surrounded by tropical rainforest covered mountains and sugar cane. The course layout is quite interesting with well maintained greens and fairways. Two streams run through the course providing some good challenges. Babinda has a number of people get together on Sundays to play 9 holes then have a BBQ.



Stop for a cold beer and a chat with the locals ar Fishery Falls Hotel. Fishery Falls has a caravan park in lovely landscaped gardens.


Mirriwinni is located approx 8km south of Babinda. This small country town has a population of around 200 people supported mainly by the cane, banana and pawpaw industries. It has a garage, post office, general store, tennis court, cricket club and the Mirriwinni pub. 


Bramston Beach located approx 20 minutes from Babinda.This small holiday settlement features a general store, motel, beachfront camping area and cafe. Here you can enjoy lovely Fish & Chips, great coffee, burgers and sandwiches. The area is a haven for fishing, swimming and relaxing.


Innisfail is located 30km south of Babinda, approx a 25 min drive. It is the largest of the Cassowary Coast towns with a population of 10,000. Picnic and bbq spots can be found at Warrina Lakes, along the riverfront and at Anzac Memorial Park. Innisfail has one of the best collections of art deco buildings in Australia, you can take a self-guided walk around town accompanied by an art deco walking tour brochure.



Babinda Markets take place every 2nd Saturday of the month (except January) from 7.30am - 12.00 noon in Munro Street.


Babinda Harvest Festival has been running since the 1960's to celebrate the start of the sugarcane harvest. Events include the Sugar Bowl competition, the Gumboot Toss and the Umbrella Toss (reflecting Babinda's connection to the sugar industry and its wet weather). The Grand Parade features themed floats and crowning of the Harvest Queens. A fireworks display, pony rides, lolly drop, and a live band and bar top off a family packed day!


Love running in FNQ? Then this legendary event is a must for you! Featured as part of the Babinda Harvest Festival, choose from a 21.1k Half-Marathon, 10k Run or 5k Run/Walk.


The Feast of St Rita takes place May each year. A 2pm mass followed by a street procession, mini fete, BBQ and a spectacular fireworks display.


Innisfail is the centre of the action for the Feast of the Senses Festival held annually in late March. Beginning with the International Food Fare, the festival runs over the course of 10 days, ending with the ever popular Market Day Extravaganza.


The Gold Rush Marathon takes place in July and is an epic rainforest trail run over the popular Goldfields Trail, starting and finishing at the beautiful Boulders Swimming Hole. The Goldfields Trail traverses Australia's wettest rainforest with a multitude of refreshing creek crossings, scenic waterfalls and a challenging climb over the saddle between Queensland's two highest peaks: Bartle Frere (1622m) and Bellenden Ker (1592m).


1. Paronella Park Paronella Park

Jos Paronella had a dream to build a castle. He chose a special part of Australia and created Paronella Park. Situated on 5 Hectares beside Mena Creek Falls, he built his castle, picnic area by the falls, tennis courts, bridges, a tunnel and planted an amazing range of 7,500 tropical plants - now a lush rainforest! Opened to the public in 1935, it is also the site of Queenslands 1st privately owned hydro electric plant (1933). Paronella Park has received multiple Queensland tourism awards, is State and National Heritage listed and is a National Trust listed property. With an amazing story and history to be told, Paronella Park is well worth a visit. Open 7 days 9:00am to 9:30pm - Japoonvale Road, Mena Creek.

2. Frankland Islands

Explore some of the Great Barrier Reef's best coral at the Frankland Islands. Frankland Islands Cruises depart daily from the Deeral landing on the banks of the Mulgrave River, only 15km from Babinda. The Frankland Islands - High, Normanby, Mabel, Round and Russell lie about 10 km offshore from the mouth of the Russell and Mulgrave rivers. Enjoy a scenic cruise along the Mulgrave River with commentary before entering the open ocean for a short crossing to Normanby Island. Frankland Island Cruises are the only commercial operator allowed to visit the totally uninhabited Frankland islands. With a maximum of 100 people you can be sure of a personalised experience. The tour includes a river cruise, reef and island experience with lunch and all snorkel equipment provided.

3. Mamu Canopy Walk Mamu Canopy Walk

Just 15 minutes from Innisfail and 40 minutes from Babinda is the Mamu Tropical Skywalk. This elevated walkway rises from the ground to 15 metres allowing you to explore the rainforest from the forest floor to the canopy and clouds. A 10 m long cantilever and a 37 m high observation tower with two viewing decks, provides spectacular views over the North Johnstone River gorge and surrounding rainforest-clad peaks. Open everyday except Christmas Day, from 9:30am to 5:30pm, with last entry at 4:30pm.

4. Babinda Paintball

Experience paintball the way it was meant be played. This expertly designed course has been built by seasoned military personal. Surrounded by lush tropical rainforest-covered mountains, Babinda Paintball is only 5 minutes from the popular Boulders swimming hole and legendary Devil's Pool. Using the latest equipment, you have access to quality paint balls to help ensure you hit your mark. Quality protective gear is included in the price and there are also full chest protective gear options available for women. Minimum age 15 years.

5. Madella By The River

Madella Coffee farm is located in Mourilyan on the banks of the Johnstone River. The farm has been producing coffee since 1986. With four generations on the same farm, the Sciacca family has been farming in the Mourilyan area for over 100 years. Madella By The River is a coffee shop on the farm overlooking the river and mountains. It is the perfect spot for business meetings, group bookings and staff parties, offering tours, morning and afternoon teas, lunch and dinner, all to a set menu of basically Sicilian Cuisine. These are by appointment only.

6. River Fishing

Fish Tales Charters offers a full day of fun exploring and fishing on the Russell/Mulgrave Rivers. This is a premier fishing spot with a multitude of fish species to catch. Catering for different levels of fishing experience, from the beginner, to the passionate, from the young to the elderly. You can choose from bait to lure to popper to fly-fishing, or a combination of all four! Top quality rods & PENN reels, all bait & tackle, lures & poppers, bottles of water & tea/coffee, a delicious lunch, and experienced fishing guide are all included in the day. 

7. Tully River Rafting TULLY RIVER RAFTING

Raft the mighty Tully River, regarded as the best rafting river across Australia and New Zealand. Located 1.5 hours south of Babinda, you can choose to meet up at the Feluga Hotel at 8:30am or pick up the rafting coach on the way through. Rafting offers some of the best fun as you navigate through various grade 3-4 rapids. Highly recommended is to upgrade to the Xtreme Rafting which caters to smaller more personalised groups and where you can have some extra fun cliff jumping, rapid swimming and raft surfing!

8. Mungalli Creek Dairy

Mungalli Creek Dairy is a family run, second generation dairy farm located on the pristine Atherton Tablelands. The family company supports six local family farms and their Biodynamic range of products is certified Demeter A Grade Biodynamic and available across Australia.You can vists their on-farm cafe and see the cows and chickens grazing nearby as well as enjoying the stunning views of Mt Bartle Frere. Fresh scones served with Rainforest Jam and Jersey Cream and Quark Cheesecakes are definitely worth the stop! Mungalli Creek Dairy has been awarded many accolades for the quality of its products with over 100 medals and awards to date including Queenslands champion Milk producer in 2011 and 2012. Open Daily from 10am - 4pm.

9. Murdering Point Winery

Murdering Point Winery is a family owned and operated boutique winery specialising in the production of Australian Bush Tucker and tropical fruit wines and ports. Located on the Canecutter Way in Silkwood, about 45mins from Babinda, Murdering Point Winery has gained a reputation for the quality of its wines and the innovative use of a wide range of exotic tropical fruits, particularly in making wines using Australian native tropical fruits such as Lemon Aspen and Davidson Plum. Drop in for a tasting, the cellar door is open 7 days from 9:30am to 5:00pm (except Christmas Day, Good Friday). 

 10. Skydive Mission Beach skydive mission beach

Skydiving in Mission Beach with Jump the Beach is a must do experience! With over 30 years experience and an impeccable safety record for all tandem skydives, you can rest assured you will be in safe hands.Tandem skydiving with Jump the Beach is a premium adventure where you can enjoy amazing views of the Great Barrier Reef, Rainforest, tropical Islands and sparkling golden Mission Beach. Mission Beach is located 1 hour south of Babinda. Jump the Beach Skydives take place daily and included is a yummy lunch and a celebratory drink at a luxury beach front resort.


  • Babinda Boulders

About 7km on the outskirts of town there's a popular swimming hole known as Babinda Boulders. This swimming hole and picnic area is a popular spot for locals and tourists, nestled amongst tropical rainforest in the foothills of the Bellenden Ker Range.

Cool water filters down from Queenslands tallest mountain, Mt Bartle Frere making for a very refreshing swim. However if you re not so keen on braving it in the waters, then there is an easy 500-metre walking track to the Devils Pool Lookout instead. The walk leads through the rainforest to two viewing platforms where the creek cascades down a series of spectacular waterfalls, granite boulders and washpools. This particular spot is the meeting point of three separate streams, and can get pretty turbulent (hence the name) during the height of wet season.

Aboriginal legend surrounds the waters, which is just one of the elements that make them a fascinating draw. It is thought that the spirit of a love-sick young woman named Oolana haunts the swimming hole. She lures young male travellers to their death because she's searching for her forbidden love, a warrior from a visiting tribe. So far, the waterhole has claimed 16 lives... all of them young male travellers.So stick to the designated swimming pools and you'll be able to enjoy the Babinda Boulders just like the locals have been for years. Picnic tables, seating, bbq's, toilets, walking tracks, viewing areas and platforms, a play area and interpretative signs make for a lovely day out.

  • Mt Bartle Frere

Mount Bartle Frere is part of the Bellenden Ker Range, and the highest mountain in Queensland at an elevation of 1,622 metres. The Aboriginal name for the mountain is Chooreechillum. Josephine Falls, situated at the foot of the southern face of Mount Bartle Frere is a popular attraction for rainforest walks and refreshing swims.

Many experienced walkers choose to climb the summit of Mt Bartle Frere, providing a challenging way to explore this part of the World. The summit, when it not covered in cloud, offers the chance to view both the coastal lowlands and the Atherton Tablelands. This 15 kilometre mountain rainforest trek is extremely demanding and should only be accessed by fit, experienced and well-prepared bushwalkers. Best time to climb is during the dry season which is winter. Four camping areas have been established along the trail. The Bartle Frere trail can be accessed from Josephine Falls which is 2 kilometres south of Miriwinni, and 8 kilometres from the Bruce Highway.

  • Josephine Falls josephine falls

Josephine Falls is a scenic waterfall fed by rains falling on Queenslands highest peak, Bartle Frere. Located 2 kilometres south of Miriwinni, and 8 kilometres from the Bruce Highway turnoff, the falls start as a trickle high on the south-east side of the summit of Bartle Frere, and end as a substantial creek flowing over granite boulders, forming the picturesque Josephine Falls. Access is along walking tracks that lead through lush tropical rainforest to viewing decks overlooking the creek and falls.

Facilities include toilets, picnic shelter and picnic tables that are wheelchair-accessible. Wheelchair access is also available to the viewing platform at the top pool. From here you can enjoy excellent views. Stairs lead to the bottom pool where is it possible to take a refreshing swim. Keep in mind that flash flooding (rapidly rising water) is common during wetter months. Rapid and unpredictable water level rises have isolated people on the far bank requiring their rescue. Do not enter the restricted access area around the top of the falls. Serious injuries and deaths have occurred here. 

  • Golden Hole

On the way to Josephine Falls you will seen a sign posting to the left for Golden Hole, about 1km before the Josephine Falls car park. Golden Hole is a natural swimming hole located on the Russell River which Josephine Falls feeds into. This recreation area has a large open grassed area with a covered picnic table. Swimming and canoeing are popular pastimes and it has a lovely sandy beach, a rope swing and grassy area with a picnic hut and public toilet. You can reach Josephine Falls by following a well marked pathway through the rainforest for 600m. Pack a picnic and enjoy a full afternoon to explore.

  • The Goldfield Trail

Experience the beauty and diversity of Wooroonooran National Park on the Goldfield Trail. This is not a little stroll by the way, at 19km long it is really suited for people with a moderate fitness level and interest in bushwalking. It's most often walked one way, with walkers being picked up at the other end or doing a car shuffle. 

Leaving the carpark at Babinda Boulders, the trail traverses Australias wettest rainforest with a multitude of refreshing creek crossings, scenic waterfalls and a challenging climb over the saddle between Queenslands two highest peaks: Bartle Frere (1622m) and Bellenden Ker (1592m). It follows an old trail forged by miners in the 1930s.

Several vantage points along the trail provide views of the rainforest canopies covering the slopes of Mt. Bellenden Ker and the Goldsborough Valley. The pools of the East Mulgrave River provide excellent swimming. Camping is permitted here. The final 8 kilometres follows an old logging road along the river to the Goldsborough Valley campground.

  • Behana Gorge Behana Gorge

Behana Creek flows off the western slopes of Mount Bellenden Ker. It's an easy 6km return walk along a cement road, and can be undertaken in almost any weather. The gorge is a Cairns Regional Council water catchment area, and a water pipeline follows roughly parallel alongside Behana Creek.

The undulating road gradually gets steeper as the gorge narrows, passing patches of rainforest, eucalypts and flowing creeks. After a short steep climb, the road rounds a bluff where you will be rewarded with views of Clamshell Falls cascading down the gorge into deep green pools. Allow 45 minutes each way to walk. The rock pools are accessible from the road near the intake if you want a quick swim to cool off.

  • Eubenangee Wetlands

One of the most important wetlands between Ingham and Cairns is Eubenangee Swamp. This is a birdwatchers paradise. Much of this park is flooded during the wet season, this creates one of the most important wetland areas, crucial for the conservation of wildlife.A walk to the swamp offers the opportunity to see over 190 bird species, Water birds are prolific. A short gravel and grass walking track will take you through rainforest and to the top of a grassy hill. Bartle Frere and Bellenden Ker, are in view as well as the swamp and its many waterbirds.


Wooroonooran National Park offers a whole network of walking trails. The park is divided into three sections - Palmerston, Josephine and Goldsborough Valley.

It's official we are Australia's wettest town!

Babinda is well known and recognised as the wettest town in Australia, with an annual average rainfall of 4279.4mm. This is something we're really proud of as there is a fun rivalry between us and nearby Tully. Since 1970, Babinda and Tully have gone head to head to compete for the Golden Gumboot, an award for Australia's wettest town. Babinda usually comes out the winner and has had more rainfall than Tully in the last 40 years!


�  Babinda is a village 60 kilometres south of Cairns and 1,710 kilometres north of Brisbane.

�  Babinda takes its name from the local Indigenous Australian language for mountain. Other sources, however, claim it is a Yidinji word for water, possibly referring to the high rainfall of the area.

�  The 2011 Census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics counted 1,068 persons in Babinda.

� Babinda has a number of heritage-listed sites

�  In 2000 the weather station at the summit of Bellenden Ker recorded 12,461mm of rain. The average is 8,140mm each year (over the past 38 years). 

�  On 4-5 January 1979 the weather station recorded a 48 hour total of 1,947mm.

�  In March 2006, Babinda was struck by Cyclone Larry, damaging up to 80% of buildings.

� The Babinda Picture Theatre was almost destroyed during Cyclone Larry but was rebuilt and restored from a local fundraising effort and reopened in 2012.

� In 1915 a government sugar mill began operation.

�  In 2011 the Babinda Sugar Mill was decommissioned and in 2013 it was demolished.

� Bellenden Ker was made a World Heritage site in 1988.

�  Mean Max Temp: 27.66 degrees celcius

�  Mean Min Temp: 19.92 degrees celcius

�   The Wet Tropics is home to about a third of Australia's 315 mammal species - 13 of these species are found nowhere else in the world.