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To swim with Turtle’s

To swim with Turtle’s

Posted: 19 Apr 2017

To swim with a sea turtle is a dream that most people share. So graceful, in the coral sea’s clear water, as they glide by with not a care in the world. But as we’re taken in by the beauty of this pre-historic animal, we often forget how fortunate we are to be able to swim with these placid creatures. Of the seven existing species of sea turtle, six are listed as threatened or endangered. They are exceptionally long-lived, and are slow to reach sexual maturity. For example loggerhead turtles take around 35 years to reach sexual maturity and then breed on around 5 occasions, at intervals of several years. Apart from Crocodiles, sea turtles are amongst the largest of reptiles with mature specimens ranging in size from 40kg - 300kg. Their diets vary with the species: green turtles eat algae and seagrasses; loggerheads molluscs and crabs; hawksbill sponges and algae; and leatherbacks eat jellyfish. When sea turtles lay their eggs in the shallow dunes of Frankland Islands and other beaches, it is the temperature of the sand that will determine what sex the hatchlings will be. Incubation temperatures above 30ºC cause female sex in hatchlings, whereas temperature below 28ºC result in male hatchlings. Over the course of one reproductive season the females can lay anywhere between 100 and 500 eggs. Of these maybe one or two will actually reach adulthood. Only a small percentage of sea turtles actually make it back to the beaches where they hatched. I hope the odds are greater for you to make it back to swim with the turtles around the Frankland Islands.

Barron River

**NEW** Rapid Boarders Barron river afternoon session

Posted: 31 Oct 2016

The Barron River afternoon session is a great tour full of extreme adventure on up to grade 3 rapids. River boarding with Rapid Boarders is a great white water option and all essential training is provided, so requires no previous experience. The thrill of being in control of your own individual board puts you in the drivers seat and will make the Barron river seem more exhilarating. Half day tour includes: Pick up / Drop off from Cairns city accommodation  Transfers to the River Use of a world-class white river board, The Fluid-Anvil All equipment and Safety gear including life jacket, helmet, knee and shin guards, wetsuit pants and fins Up to 2 hours on river time An action packed afternoon you will never forget Transfers Back to accommodation  Photos of the day (All Pictures and video packages available at an extra cost ) Restrictions: - Minimum age is 16, (participating guardian consent if under 18 years of age is required) - Must be able to swim. - Medium level of fitness required. - Comprehensive understanding of English is required. See website for full restrictions and requirements.

Rapid Boarders

Rapid Boarders LIVE bookings

Posted: 04 Oct 2014

Rapid Boarders has offically gone live with online bookings. Head over and make your next booking online.

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